The Bluegrass Situation Hour on WMOT/RR.

Roots Radio welcomes one of the key media players in the roots music movement to the airwaves for the first time when The Bluegrass Situation Radio Hour debuts this coming weekend, Sunday at 8 pm.

Launched and supported by comedic actor and banjo player Ed Helms, the Bluegrass Situation began its life as a one-day mini-festival for acoustic and bluegrass music in Los Angeles. Soon it became a web magazine covering emerging talent and a series of pop-up all-star shows nested inside events such as Bonnaroo, World of Bluegrass and the Americana Music Association. Now it’s a concert promoter staging shows from coast to coast, and the web site is a robust compendium of news, comment and media covering music as well as food, art and craft.

The folks at the BGS have thought about a radio show for some time, but the right outlet didn’t present itself until we called them up and talked about a partnership. And we can’t wait to hear what they come up with.

We know one thing. The host of the weekly one-hour roundup f songs and talk is Chris Jacobs, a musician, producer and event promoter. Here’s his official bio:

Chris Jacobs has worn many hats over the course of his career. An avid music fan, his first job out of college was managing The Cinematic Underground, a 12 piece alt-rock collective that toured around the country in a school bus that ran on vegetable oil. Since then, Jacobs has worked as a promoter with AEG Live’s division of touring museum exhibitions and executed marketing plans in multiple major domestic and international markets for several major tours, including the blockbuster King Tut Exhibition, one of the most successful traveling museum exhibits of all time. He most recently served as the General Manager for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaborative production company HITRECORD. As a Producer for the Emmy-winning HITRECORD ON TV, Jacobs led production on multiple music videos, animated shorts, and documentaries over the course of two full seasons. This is his first job hosting a radio show, but it’s one that he’s always wanted to do.

The BGS Radio Hour will re-air Tuesday nights at 9. Welcome aboard!