Music Submissions


Physical Submissions

WMOT 89.5 Roots Radio prefers physical submissions to digital submissions (but we recognize plenty of situations where digital copies are required.) Want to get on Programming Director Jessie Scott's good side? Please remove any cellophane and include a note that shares the two songs she should review, as well as which songs don't meet FCC regulations.

WMOT Roots Radio
PO Box 3
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Please note. We're currently building our library. It's a time intensive process that we're working non-stop on, but there's still a mountain of CDs to conquer. Patience in our process is appreciated.

Digital Submissions

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Please include links to BOTH a Soundcloud or other easy-preview method, AS WELL as a link to a downloadable .WAV file (no .mp3s accepted.)
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